You've decided to sell your home!  This is a huge decision for most people and not one to be taken lightly.  Now what??



  • Dissociate from your home
  • While you will still be living there, this really isn't your home anymore.  You are offering it up to a new buyer.



Clear off kitchen counters of anything that you don't use everyday

  • Donate items you no longer use or need
  • Pack up knick knacks, photos and anything else that detracts from the space
  • You don't need to get rid of every picture or every knick knack but understand that the more things sitting on counters and hanging on walls makes a space seem smaller and cluttered.
  • Clean out the pantry, linen closets and storage spaces

Make Necessary Repairs

  • this includes replacing any burned out light bulbs, cracked outlet covers, touch up paint, fix leaky faucets, repair any wood rot, etc.

Scrutinize Curb Appeal

  • Many homeowners overlook this, but since more than 90% of buyers will first view your home online, this is critical.  The first thing a potential buyer will see on your listing is a picture of the exterior of your house.  This is the moment when they decide to look further.
  • If you plan to list your home in the spring, take exterior photos in the fall, before all the greenery is gone.
  • Trim bushes, put down fresh mulch, keep the lawn mowed, pull out excess landscaping, remove planters, declutter the front porch.

Deep Clean Your Home & Wash Windows

Neutralize interior paint colors

  • Your son's baseball-themed room or your daughter's purple room might have been perfect for them, but a potential buyer just sees work that needs to be done.
  • Paint rooms a neutral color
  • Touch up paint throughout the house

Start Packing!!