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We closed!


Well, yesterday we closed on the sale of our home.  We had lived there for 12 years and loved every minute of it.  But it was time to move on and out of a 2 story.  It was a quick turnaround, but we are all moved into the flip house, and it looks like we've been here forever.  All our furniture looks great in the house and fits perfectly.  I had a couple of groups through open houses who were concerned about the gray walls, saying they don't have anything that is gray.  I tried to explain that gray is a neutral and anything goes with it, but most people don't have that vision.  Staging will definitely be in my budget from now on, because you'll notice that my furniture looks great with the gray, even though it is all in warm tones.

Having an empty home that we already own to move into made the process easier in some ways (we could move a little at a time), but harder in other ways (it took all of 2+ weeks).  I don't think we'll do it that way when we move to the farm.  Our old bodies are pretty sore from lugging boxes and furniture up and down stairs.  The moving process has definitely made me more sympathetic to my customers who are going through the process.  Getting from the contract to close causes a lot of anxiety, but if you keep the goal in mind, it helps!  Cheers to all of you who are moving, have moved or are thinking about moving!

Everything happens for a reason.....


Well, I put my personal residence back on the market on Thursday and sold it the same day! Yikes! That was the intended outcome, but it came a little quicker than I thought. Luckily, I still have a home on the market, also in Riss Lake, that we can move into. I had been frustrated that my latest renovation hadn't sold, but apparently it was meant for us. We can now start to build our dream home out in the country and have a fabulous place to call home in the meantime. I will share the building process on this blog from start to finish. Stay tuned!

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